Monday, September 29, 2008

A Trip to The Orchard

Andrew got to help pick out our pumpkins for Halloween! He ended up getting a lot of little seeds from the ground stuck to his pants while he was "helping". He was a little tentative to touch the pumpkins at first, but warmed up to the idea as we were out longer.

We took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Drew's first trip on the trailer. He was fascinated with the tractor- probably the wheels as they were so large!

We've been to this Orchard for 2 years in a row around this time of year. It is beautiful. It's a place called Southridge Farms, and it's located in Santaquin, Utah. We got some apple cinnamon donuts (Josh's favorite) and fresh Apple Cider (Steph's favorite). They have a cozy little country store inside with homemade jams, butters, salsa, and of course apples. There's also fresh homemade ice cream, fudge and pies! Although we did not get everything off that list, we do enjoy going and having a nice Saturday afternoon to enjoy a little piece of country for a while!


Tori Bradford said...

It sounds like fun. I wish we could have been there.

kandi said...

FUN!!! Maybe Scott and I should go huntin' for a punkin patch a little further away from home. We just usually go to the one off of 90th South and about 27th West. Your place sounds amazing!!

Micah Seegmiller said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! How are you guys doing? I need to find out where this great orchard is.