Thursday, December 15, 2011

June 2009 to December 2009

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Monday, September 13, 2010

So a lot has happened since Natalie turned one. She now can walk, and by walk I mean get into everything. She has learned how to climb onto the table, and cause all sorts of trouble. She also is getting very vocal. She can say things like "daddy", "mommy" "Dew" (meaning Drew), "pwee" (please), "tank hoo" (thank you), among others. Drew continues to grow like a weed, he is in 4T clothes now. Drew also just celebrated his 3rd birthday. A whole slew of pics are dedicated to that below. We have had a busy summer including a Merrill family reunion in Bryce Canyon. Anyways, here is the pictures from the summer.
Watching some kids show, either that or Die Hard, I can't remember...

A picture taken from Bryce Canyon.

Steph made the hike despite having a broken toe.

Josh had a lot of fun on the hike.
We had to put a leash on Drew, since he likes to be independent, and a canyon isn't the best place for a toddler to run around.

Mom and Dad at the reunion.
Natalie eating lasagna I believe.
For Drew's birthday Nana got him a Lightning McQueen bike. It was supposed to be given on his actual birthday but he spotted Josh getting it out of the trunk from a window and that was that. Nana was fine with him getting it early. He hasn't figured out peddling yet, but he still loves his bike.

Our little Cowgirl.
Natalie trying to get into trouble, now that she walks she is very curious.
Steph and Natalie at Logan's first birthday party (Logan is Drew and Natalie's cousin).
Praise the Lord!
Andrew turned 3 on September 12, we had a lot of family over for the occasion. He got a Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody toys and he hasn't put them down yet.
Drew's cake and cupcakes.
Evil Emperor Zurg overlooks Buzz and Woody...

Andrew and Ella enjoy the party.
Woody recognizes when his hat is removed, Drew found this very funny!

Uncle Eric doing his best Michael Jackson impersonation.... Actually they are dropping army parachute toys.

Spencer and Matt ready for the after-party party watching the Bears game!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Natalie's 1st Birthday

Natalie had her first birthday on June 21st. For her birthday we had family come over and celebrate with us. Unlike Drew on his first birthday she didn't destroy her cake, she nibbled instead (more lady like).

She was a happy camper, she really enjoyed playing with the balloons.
Her tiara didn't stay on, because she constantly pulled it off, here we snapped a quick picture before she ripped it off.
Nana came all the way from PA to hang out with Natalie on her birthday!
This is Natalie's favorite spot. She is constantly chillin' underneath the piano.
Rachel and Matt.
Inger Darden (not pictured John "Richie" Darden)
Mommy and Natalie opening presents.

Drew wishing Natalie a happy birthday. He was excited for her. He kept saying "Natalie's birthday!" all day long!
Drew apparently lost some excitement here.
Drew and Ella.
Natalie checking out her new bookshelf.

Daddy and Natalie playing with balloons.
Aunt Kay Kay (Caitlin) and Natalie.
Uncle Spencer (Britta not pictured) and Natalie.
Stephanie did a great job with the cakes.

Here is a sample of Natalie's 1 year pictures from JCPenney.