Sunday, September 14, 2008

B-ball injuries

So I've been playing basketball every Thursday night as both a way to get exercise and also a way to have fun. Well, this last Thursday I played for only about half an hour. I went up for a rebound and landed funny rolling my ankle out, and then rolling it back in. This ended my night playing bball and messed up my ankle for a little while. After I got back home Steph tried to convince me to go to the ER but I was hesitant because I knew that I would end up sitting in the ER waiting room till 5am just to be told it would be another 6 hours until a doctor actually showed up somewhere in the ER. Then of course he would have to visit the patients with real emergencies (drug overdoses, drunk drivers, the normal scum that goes to the ER at late hours), and I would have to wait so long that the ankle would heal itself long before I was ever seen. Anyways I decided to try and sleep on it then go to a clinic in the morning. I went to the orthopedic center and was told it would take 6-12 weeks to recover. This assessment while not encouraging I tend to believe it will be a shorter time frame. Best case scenario I have a bad sprain, worst case I tore some ligaments and would need surgery. I'm thinking that it is probably just a really bad sprain as I can put some weight on it already. I guess time will tell.

The side that looks swollen is actually the side that hurts the least. The inside part of the ankle is where it really kills to bend. Oh I almost forgot to mention that this happened the day before Drew's 1st birthday, so Steph was left to put together the party, tend to Drew, and tend to a fussy husband (probably the worst part of the ordeal for her).

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