Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

So I realized after posting 20 some pictures that I posted them backwards. Anyways Drew had a great time trick-or-treating. The original plan was to go out for about half an hour, but Drew kept asking to go to more doors, so after 2 hours we called it quits even though Drew wanted to keep going. His bucket got too heavy for him to hold, and by the end Josh was carrying both the bucket and Drew but he kept saying "door" as in to go to another door.

Drew loved looking at all the decorations, and he wasn't phased by the scary ones either.
A crazy hippy drove by!

We started around 6pm and finished after 8!

Drew was a lion, and Natalie was a lady bug this year.

Spencer giving candy to Drew??? Bad idea!

Natalie loves the mirror on the top of the swing.

Steph and Drew at the ward trunk or treat.

Natalie all ready for church a couple of Sundays ago

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Lisa said...

I love my little family so, grandkids and even the hippie in the car. :) Natalie in the red dress is too sweet for words!