Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Update

Since the San Diego trip we haven't made any other out of state trips, but we have had fun. We were able to take the kids to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. This was a great blessing to see a new temple (it's in our temple district) and to be able to walk through it with Drew and Natalie.

On September 12th (a Saturday) Drew turned two. To celebrate the Stake just happened to have a Stake Primary Party! This included the snow cone Drew is eating in picture below, along with blow up slides, kids fishing games, and all kinds of out door fun. Later that day we opened presents....

Drew's main gift this year was geo trax. It's like a train track but with some cars that are remote controlled and easy to snap together. Plus Geo Trax makes cars from the Disney Pixar movie Cars (which is Drew's favorite). He played with it for about 2 straight hours before looking up long enough to notice we had company over for his birthday.

More b-day pics...

Drew's cake courtesy of Stephanie and Tori Bradford.

Aunt TG (Andra) holding Natalie.

The very next day after Drew's birthday was Natalie's blessing (Sunday September 13th). Here is the cute little girl getting all dressed up for the occasion.

Natalie's blessing cake (alot of yummy cake that weekend!)

Here's our little angel.
Drew has a Mr. Potato head toy that he hasn't quite figured out yet! Someone needs to tell him to put the glasses on Mr. Potato head instead!

With fall comes football season, no doubt who we root for in the Stapleton household!

A couple of weeks ago went down to Salem, UT to get pumpkins at the Red Barn. Here is Drew with Grandpa.
Natalie slept most of the time but she did have a good time snuggling with Grandma.

Ghosts in the pumkin patch!

Drew's highlight was the hay ride!
Britta and Spencer also met us up at the pumkin patch, but I accidently deleted the picture from the blog (will try and fix it later!)

The most recent picture of our now 4 month old little girl! Happy as ever!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Love the pics Steph! Your kids are so cute. Natalie's getting so big.

Micah Seegmiller said...

Cute, cute kids! I love the skeleton jammies Drew is wearing.