Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time to catch up

So it has been a long time since the blog and has been updated, and a lot has happened. Steph's youngest brother Dan went on a mission to Las Vegas, Josh's youngest sister Caitlin graduated from high school, and Josh's brother Spencer got married! Needless to say, the last couple of weeks have been really busy. All this and in a couple more weeks and we will have a new addition to the family!
So if anyone saw a previous blog about Drew getting a toddler bed, here is one of the problems with his new-found freedom. In this instance he was supposed to be taking a nap. He must have decided that his clothes needed rearranging instead, because he pulled all of them out!
Like his daddy, Drew has taken a liking to basketball. Here he is in an intense match with his uncle Dan.

What can we say, the kid loves to dunk!

Elder Merrill, taking the traditional picture outside the MTC right before entering the MTC a couple of weeks ago.

The Merrill clan, Steph, Drew, Eric, Cindy, Dan, Dave, Jared, and Megan.

Steph had a work retreat to Boondocks Family Fun Center. They played mini golf, and she had the family come down to join into the fun.

A couple of Saturday's ago Drew went swimming with his friend Ella, her dad John, and Josh. Drew got all lathered up with sun block, enough to spike his hair!

Last week Drew and Josh went to Indiana for Josh's youngest sister Caitlin's graduation from high school. Here Drew is just chilling on his Nana's couch.

Drew with Caitlin at the open house at a park in Carmel Indiana.

Drew dancing with Josh's cousin Brian.

"Hanging Out" with Josh's cousin Greg.

Aunt Kinnie, Aunt Sandy, Greg, Nana, Drew, Josh, and Grama Voorhies after Caitlin's graduation.

Friday was Spencer's wedding to Britta. While waiting for Spencer and Britta to emerge from the temple we had some time to take some pictures. Here Drew is with his "uncles" Steve and Matt.

Ok so here is some bias, but he's gotta be the cutest kid around!

Drew is all business in his suit!

The new happy couple, Spencer and Britta Stapleton

Doing their best to pretend to like each other.

Spencer, Josh, and Caitlin.

At the wedding dinner at Buca di Beppo's Drew is stuffing his face with some bread.

Josh's sisters, Andra and Caitlin.

Lisa and Roger at the dinner.

Josh's cousin Nathan.

Josh's cousin Zach.

Roger, Andra, and Kevin at the open house in Salt Lake at Britta's sister's house.

Josh is hungry!!!

We were surprised at how many old friends from IL came by including Neal Pearson with his baby daughter.

Britta watching as Spencer sang to her.

Matt and Amber with their boys Treyden, and Chase.

Matt and Rachel.


Inger said...

Looks like you guys have had a lot of fun. Great pictures. We have so gotten out of the habit of taking pictures, it's bad. That picture of Drew at the temple really is super cute.

kandi said...

I agree with Inger. SUPER cute picts of Drew!!! Could he get any cuter???