Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

Andrew had quite the eventful Easter weekend. The day before Easter we went to Lindon Utah for a Merrill family Easter party. Unfortunately it was raining so we had an indoor Easter egg hunt. Drew being the youngest of the kids (not including some newborns) was able to go hunting first. He took advantage of the head start and found some good eggs (some had dollar bills in them!). For Easter Drew had a egg hunt in the back yard. He found all 27 eggs! He also got a rocker pony that plays sound as you rock on it. His friend Ella has one and he loves it, so it seemed like a good Easter gift.

The week before Easter we had Caitlin (Josh's sister) come spend her Spring Break with us. Hopefully she didn't get too bored hanging out with us.

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kandi said...

Looks like Drew had a super fun Easter. It's always more fun when they're all cute and little. ALthough, I'll have to admit that this year was super fun with my crazy older girls, too. We did a scavenger hunt and they laughed the entire time. Okay, so you need to email me at I had to make our blog private and I don't have your email address to send you an invite. :D