Friday, June 4, 2010

Thomas The Train, and hanging In Illinois

So this first picture is out of order, but neverless Drew loved being on an airplane. He has flown a number of times before but this was the first time he really was excited to be on an airplane.

This next batch of pictures is from our excursion to Thomas the Train in Heber aka The Heber Creeper. We went with our friends the Bradford's whose son is the same age as Drew. Natalie and Drew in this picture were playing with their balloon puppets, Drew got a bear and Natalie got butterfly.During the actual ride Drew and Adam couldn't stop looking over the edge. It was difficult to get Drew to look for a picture. He could've spent all day on the train ride.
Josh had to lean over the edge and look back at Drew for this shot.

Drew with his friends the Bradford kids.

Natalie giving Drew a hug. They can be very loving at times.
Family picture with Mr. Topemhat.

Drew and Adam really enjoyed the tent with all the Thomas toy trains. It was hard to get Drew to leave.

Natalie has a couple of chompers!!! She actually has 4 on the top as well.Drew at Grandma's house making a mess.
Mommy and Natalie at the Byron park.

Great Grandma Jellum with Natalie.
Natalie loves being on the swing, as you can tell.

Drew took this picture all by himself, not too bad!

This was on the way to the town Memorial Day parade. The firetrucks go down the street along with cars carrying veterans. They throw candy out to the kids, and Drew scored big time.

Natalie clapping for those that have protected our country!
Chillin' time.

Eric in the "special swing".


Lisa said...

Love all the pics, Steph! I'd have to say my favorite is the photo from behind of Natalie hugging Drew who, BTW, is quite the Renaissance man. He sings, dances, shoots hoops, takes photos, handles a cellphone better than some adults I know....what will he do next?! :)


Hope and Jason said...

hey! thanks for checking out our blog! :) we really did have such an amazing time skydiving! you have such an adorable family!! :)