Thursday, May 6, 2010

Costa Rica, Spring, and everything else

Once again it has been a long while since the blog was updated. Since then Josh went with sister Andra on a trip to Costa Rica, Josh also lost his job at Loomis, those (fill in the blank with unkind adjective), and Natalie had her first easter. We also had both Grandma and Nana come to visit. Here are some pics of the last few months.

Andra's motivation for planning this trip to Costa Rica was to see some of the work that our father did done there and meet some of his contacts. Our father put well water pumps in remote areas of the country (mostly jungle areas) where people were drinking contaminated water. He selected areas that were near town centers or schools so that children first and foremost had clean drinking water. The first picture is of our father's closest contact Rolando and his family. They were kind enough to take us out to dinner.

Rotary was the club that sponsored dad's trips down to Costa Rica. Here at this small park there used to be a plaque in his honor but unfortunately it was hit by a car and ruined.

This was one of the places we stayed on the eastern coast.

This is a picture of Volcan Arenal an active volcano in Costa Rica.

Natalie loves books, even if she toys around with them more than anything.

These are some pics from a picnic we took with Rachel and Matt.

We had a dodgeball competition with some friends. Josh had been talking trash for weeks claiming he would dominate, and guess what happened!!! Of course Josh's team won!

Natalie's first Easter!

Drew hugging Uncle Andy.
Drew in search of Easter Eggs.

Just chillin.

Dinner at Spencer and Britta's.
Nana and Natalie hanging out.

Proof that they can coexist!

Drew is in the process of being potty trained, and he loves to wear his "big boy" underwear. He also loves his "Superman" cape! Thanks to Tori for the cape!

Natalie loves going for a ride on Charlie the Horse!


Tori said...

Fun pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Micah said...

What fun!! We miss you guys!

Megan said...

Great pictures and great updates! I love the cape and underwear!