Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Improvements

Josh has been in a home improvement mode trying to get the house ready for the baby, and that also means keeping Steph happy. With warm weather hopefully on the way Josh installed a ceiling fan in the master bedroom. Not being much a mister fix it, Josh was quite proud to have installed without breaking anything!

With the baby girl on the way we had to clear out the old office and turn it into a baby room. This meant some rearranging of furniture. In the process Drew gladly gave his dresser to the baby girl and in exchange Josh sanded and painted an old dresser for Drew. Notice if you will Drew requested it to be painted Chicago Bulls colors!

The baby girl's room is now completely painted. Josh painted the walls and Steph's co-worker Keri Carter painted the flowers and butterflies. She did an amazing job!


Lisa said...

Fan, dresser and painted walls all look great! I think Josh is sharing Steph's nesting instinct. :) Nice job, buddy.

Anonymous said...

That turned out sooooo stinkin cute!

shelly said...

What a darling room! (And the fan installation is very impressive.)