Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sorry but Facebook eats up our internet time

So we have recently been introduced to Facebook the on-line social utility to connect to friends past and present. We highly recommend it to anyone, we have tracked down old school friends, mission companions, etc. One negative though is that it has taken us away from the blog as we spend more time on facebook than the blog.

Anyways Drew is continuing to grow and he is cutting his top two and bottom two teeth. He has also figured out how to go down stairs (albeit in a very unorthodox manner).

Here are some pictures from the last little bit enjoy!

Steph and Drew at the Zoo!

Drew signed a new 2 year contract and got this sweet cell phone!

I guess we still have to teach him that books are for reading.

That is cracker all over him, no matter what it looks like.

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Tori Bradford said...

He is starting to look so grown up. You would think since I see you at church every week I would already know that. Adam is very grumpy today. I think he's working on yet another tooth.