Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Temple Square Trip

We went down to Temple Square this last Sunday with friends Jarred Dexter and his girlfriend Jen. We also met up Spence and Matt there. It was a good time and it was Drew's first trip to Temple Square.

We're trying to get Drew used to grass, he isn't very fond of it. If we hold him over the grass he will lift up his legs in an attempt not to touch it.


Anonymous said...

So stinkin' CUTE! That's my boyfriend!

Haylee said...

Hi Steph! It's Haylee and Justin Johnson... found your blog through Jamie.
Cute family! We haven't even ever seen what Drew looks like, WHAT A CUTIE! :)

shelly said...

Oh! Drew's gotten so big! He's absolutely adorable and you two also look great! I'm loving your blog.