Sunday, June 15, 2008

All Time Food Blunders

Sure there have been some pretty nasty foods that have come out over the years. As consumers we can be fooled into thinking that something might be good by clever marketing and such. Over the years people have been fooled into thinking that Long John Silvers was actually a restaurant and not just a dumping station for the ocean' s trash for example.

Also McDonalds showed their cockiness years ago by trying to shove so called McDonald's Pizza down our throats.

Well add Skittles into this mix. Sure everyone loves Skittles, even the sour ones are good, but this has gone too far. Chocolate Skittles. Try and wrap your head around the idea of Chocolate Skittles. Despite Steph's warning I had to try them. They might just be the grossest candy known to man. If consumed your taste buds might forever turn on you and make everything taste like dirt.

Who doesn't love Skittles? Who doesn't love chocolate? Then of course they would be great together right?

I should have learned this lesson years ago. My brother and I one morning decided that we loved cereal. We also loved fruit punch. So instead of milk (I think we were out of milk that morning) we put fruit punch into our Corn Flakes. Big mistake. You can only imagine such a taste.

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Tori Bradford said...

Just the thought of ruining skittles by putting chocolate on them...yuck! I'm glad I've never tried them.