Sunday, May 18, 2008

Car Search

So we have been looking at getting a new car for a while now. Who knows when we will actually bite the bullet and get another car. We are looking for something that gets good gas mileage, is roomy enough to grow as a family, and an overall quality vehicle. Steph wants a Honda Accord, while Josh wants a Honda CR-V. Other options that we have looked at include the Honda Fit (we really like Honda's), and Toyota Camry, and the Toyota RAV4. We already have a Toyota Corolla and we love it, but we want something that has more space. Please feel free to comment on your likes and dislikes of any of these cars, or other cars that might be worthwhile to look into.


Tori Bradford said...

I love my Toyota Sienna. Yes it's a minivan, but it drives like a car. It's great. As for cars I have been driving a minivan for so long I can't help you there...hee, hee. Good luck on your search.

Anonymous said...

I have to go with the Honda Accord. Great car, great room, and good on gas mileage. Especially with the way prices are going!