Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grill Season

It's grilling season (but then again when is it not?) So I thought I would post a favorite grilling recipe of mine:

London Broil

Can be found in any meat section, just don't buy the thickest one unless you plan on cutting it down the middle (horizontally).

Stab both sides with a fork repeatedly to allow the marinade to properly soak (the more stabs the better!).

Pour Lawry's Teriyaki sauce all over the steak along with a few drops of lemon concentrate and one cap full of Lawry's Meat Tenderizer. Let the marinade soak for 24-48 hours if possible.

Cook over medium to medium low heat turning every few minutes. Also save the left over marinade and pour on the meat every time you turn it to keep it moist. Cook to your liking and cut the meat into strips.

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Andra said...

Yum! Nice Picture, pops. You guys are obviously doing a great job with that little guy! He's the sweetest, and a joy to watch! :)